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Georgia Louise Interview

Life is good for Georgia Louise. She is on the verge of starting a tour of Grease in which she stars as Sandy and not that long ago she had major roles in Mamma Mia!, Kinky Boots and Preludes. Georgia not just one for the present but for the future too!

BB: Congratulations on landing the part of Sandy in this great production of Grease. How exciting is that?

GL: It is almost beyond words. Every show is exciting but this us such a legend of a show to play the lead role of Sandy really is a dream come true.

BB: When did you first encounter Grease?

GL: When I was a little girl. I think I saw it on television and it was so full of life that I remember being totally taken by it. I have loved it ever since but I never thought I would be taking part on a professional stage.

BB: Was this what inspired your career?

GL: I think it played a part but what really started me wanting to be on stage was seeing my Mum perform. She was in a local amateur group and I used to go and see the shows and sometimes the rehearsals and I loved it. I still do, of course.

BB: Where was that?

GL: I come from a place called Scartho which is on the edge of Grimsby and I think as well as seeing my Mum on stage I was bitten by the bug when I saw pantos and other shows in the area. There was no escape, I knew what I wanted to do as a career.

BB: You have certainly been successful and you are still young so plenty of time ahead of you. Are there any shows you really want to appear in?

GL: Probably all of them. I would particularly like to appear in Carousel because that is such a big show as well. It would be great to tick them all off though. I just love musicals because they are so very full of life.

BB: So, you don’t see yourself becoming a pop star?

GL: Not really. I like recording but I’m not much into general pop music. It’s OK and I like Ariana Grande but I couldn’t see myself going along that road. I like all kinds of music but I became a big fan of Rachmaninoff because of appearing in Preludes.

BB: Do you get nervous before the show starts or is that only before you ride a roller coaster?

GL: (laughs) You heard about my love of roller-coasters. I have travelled loads of them and been tipped upside down and hurtled all over the place. Quite scary but you know what you have let yourself in for. It’s a bit like going on stage – quite scary but you can’t turn round and go back and once you are out there, it’s just great.

BB: What would you have done if you had not made a career out performing?

GL: I have no idea. I never did have a Plan B and as things have worked out I have never really had to think about it. If it all went wrong I would find something to do but I hope that never happens.

BB: So, tell us about this production of Grease and also, what do you actually think of the character of Sandy. If you had met, would you have got on OK?

GL: Yes, I am sure we would. She’s nice, she’s fun and good company. She has her ups and downs and worries the same as everyone else and I am pretty sure we would have been friends. As for the show, it has all you would expect from Grease but with a lot of extra bits that make for a big production. Everyone who sees it loves it and it’s great to be a part of that.

BB: It’s a pretty big tour as well.

GL: Yes it is, we are going all over the UK and playing most of the major venues. At some places Peter Andre is joining us in the show so it is very exciting and I shall be going to places I have never been before. I like to explore different towns so I cannot wait.

BB: Well, there are a lot of people who have already bought tickets and they cannot wait either so here at Encore! We wish you every success on the tour and hope you will come and talk to us again some time.

GL: Thank you – and yes, I would love to come back anytime.

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