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Good question but more importantly here’s another question – Would you please help Encore with a dilemma. No, it is nothing to do with money it is really a question for all those magnificent people who are involved in or support AMATEUR PRODUCTIONS.
For many years the descriptive title AM-DRAMS has been used. We have started to use the title NON-PROS to cover those who are involved non-professional drama, operatic groups, choirs.

The question is – what would you prefer? Perhaps you have a better idea. We would love to hear from you with your thoughts – just as we would love to hear all your news, your production news, show reviews. We love what you do and we want to help so don’t hesitate – if your president has a new cat, if your group is presenting Cats, don’t keep it to yourself – let the cat out of the bag!
Send to us as often as you like!

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