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Many musicians around the world have had to confine their skills to their own rooms but in Canada the Prince George Symphony Orchestra found a way of getting together by social distancing.

By limiting the number of musicians taking part at any one time, the orchestra was able to play much smaller venues where the audiences were also socially distanced.

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra (PGSO) is a mixed group of professionals and semi-professionals which plays a number of concerts each year at venues around the city and occasionally tours other communities in northern British Columbia

Being able to get together to play in smaller units brought relief to the faces of those taking part and standing ovations from the limited number able to be in the audience.

And Elsewhere…

Cyprus has announced that tourists from the UK will soon be welcome again and that is good news for the entertainers of the island – and there are many of them from those who are working in hotel cabaret to others in theatres and one very special theatre in particular. The Curium Ancient Theatre is in the village of Episkopi, west of Limassol and north of Nicossia.

It was originally built in the 2nd century B.C. but what is preserved today dates to the Roman period with 2nd and 3rd century A.D. additions and restorations. In the curved auditorium, the spectators’ seating area accommodates around 3500 people. Today the theatre is used for cultural events which are a must visit in this spectacular setting.

Cuba is renowned for its entertainment scene and the Cuba Vibra show is a family entertainment that is fast-paced and brilliantly presented. It must be good because it is not just for the tourists – the locals flock back there time and time again.

The Folklore Garden in Prague is open for business and offers an evening of what is almost gypsy entertainment of song, dance and, of course violins. Like everyone else the show did not go on for some time but it is about to spin into action again very soon. Meanwhile the National Marionette Theatre in Prague may have the last laugh – none of the performers need to social distance!

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