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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! To the new age of Encore! Magazine – we have now gone bigger, more modern, quicker with news and reviews and we are now global!

It could not be more fitting for the new Encore! Website to be up and running as a new wave of enthusiasm grips the world of entertainment. There is light at the end of this very dark tunnel after all.

The whole of Theatreland has taken probably the worst hit in history. Even during World War Two some theatres remained open and were packed.

There’s no point in banging on about it, we have all had a dreadful time and while we must not make the mistake of thinking that one vaccine turns us into supermen and superwomen, there is hope that things are going to gradually get back to where we all want to be. The lights will go on again and there are plans that many shows including the fabulous Lion King will once again roar into action during the latter part of the year.

The Lion King is very symbolic of our situation. For years Theatreland has been so very special, some shows lasting for generations and new shows being opened with the same hope as the birth of any lion cub.

Problems along the way are part of life and there are many challenges. Sometimes it seems that the hoped-for results are just not going to happen and then something changes and Simba achieves the ambition of his heritage. Theatre shows are just the same and when The Lion King bursts onto the stage again it is symbolic of the whole of live show business with at last the luxury of optimism, freedom to perform and for the audiences the freedom to watch, gasp, laugh, applaud and enjoy the freedom of a lifetime.

Let’s hope that the entire theatre industry is just like Simba – under serious threat for some time but then restored to its rightful place at the very top and leader of the pride of entertainment.

Encore! Is now able to bring you news speedily and thus has its finger on the pulse of the industry. You are very much a part of this so if you are involved in the professional or non-professional areas of the industry let us know what you are doing. Perhaps you would like to be one of our show reviewers – get in touch and let us know which area you can cover.

Perhaps you are considering spreading your word through advertising. You will not get better advice or rates anywhere. Remember, we are all about supporting the industry not just profiting from it!

We hope you will stay with us for the journey. Your kind words and word-of-mouth recommendation have meant a lot to us thus far so please enjoy the new Encore!, keep safe and keep the footlights shining in your heart.

All good wishes

Bernard Bale

(Managing Editor)

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